Welcome to Lomond Bull Terriers, for standard bull terriers in British Columbia.

At our core, we are simply huge bull terrier fans! These characterful, determined, infuriating, hilarious creatures that behave like toddlers in dog suits, worked their way into our hearts and left a permanent love bite there.

Our boy, GCH Rozehaven's Eastern Haar (aka Fife) wins the Bull Terrier Club of Canada Specialty in Calgary, August 2022

We are passionate about preserving bull terriers. We are committed to ethical breeding practices that keep health and good temperament at the fore as well as stay true to the breed standard. We are also committed to mentorship of bull terrier owners. We are proud to be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, and members of the Bull Terrier Club of Canada and the Miniature and Bull Terrier Club of Western Canada. We highly value our bull terrier breeder and owner friends across Canada and the US.

Puppies are planned for Spring 2024. If you would like to register your interest in a Lomond Bull Terrier puppy, please fill out our Puppy Inquiry Form.